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Dmitriy Kirilloff Photographer - Photo Gallery of Nature & Animal Photographs

The equipment I currently own
System Pentax 645
Camera Fuji 690
System Canon 35mm

   Pentax 645NII camera body
   I use Pentax more often. This SLR system camera became an optimal combination of price, quality and weight for me. Exposure control of Pentax works wonderful in 90 % of cases. It is quite possible use camera without external exposure control device. The autofocus helps me very much with shooting dynamical plots: city sketches, making pictures of children or animals close up. I like ergonomics very much. All is simple, as well as operate this camera.
   I have unique censure for flash synchronization shutter speed.

   645 formats lenses
   Pentax SMC FA75/2.8
   The basic advantages of this lens are small, easy and light. Dimensions and weight of the Pentax body with this prime lens have no bigger than my 35mm SLRs camera with a regular zoom. With only one nuance, the negative size will be 2.7 times larger than the 35mm format! Use special rubber shade combined with the filter it help very much.

   Pentax SMC FA80-160/4.5
   This zoom entirely justifies his existence. Pentax makes a good job: it is high quality design and good optical performance. The combination autofocus with zoom allows to shoot much unexpected plots and to make big size slides. High weight is a little problem and I would like take FA150/2.8 for portraits.

   Pentax SMC FA120/4 macro
   It is really pleasant to make large slides in scale 1:1! Using extension tubes is not required. There is an opinion, that application of medium format for that kind of shooting is not so justified. The basic obstacle is shallow depth-of-field. But it is very sharp and qualitative lens, and I use it with pleasure. It would be good idea to apply double flash, as Canon Twin Macro Lite MT-24EX.
   I tried to use Pentax FA33-55/4.5 AL. This lens is interesting for my his superwide end (equivalent to 20mm in 35mm format area) which made effect like this. I thought about Pentax FA45-85/4.5. Lens has an good focal length range and 77mm filters size. But a result I have acted absolutely differently. I have bought another camera with unchangeable lens Fuji GSW690III. Also I'm going to buy Hartblei 45/3.5 Super-Rotator Tilt Shift. This lens can do tilt & shift in so compact performance.

   Flash Pentax AF-500 FTZ
   This flash is pleasant to me very much, much more than Canon 550EX. They specifications practically identical, but wireless mode of Pentax more friendly. Also it works as slave flash with any other, including with Canon. But Canon's flashes understand only Canon flashes.

   Camera Fuji GSW690III
   This legendary full mechanical rangefinder camera is not issued any more. The images received with the help of it are shaking, but not only size 6х9cm, also quality. Photos made by this lens (equivalent in 35mm format area is 28mm) really incredibly detailed which is inaccessible for any other medium format. It have leaf shutter and small weight. This Fuiji appeared ideal addition to my collection of cameras.

   Canon EOS50e camera body
   Now I use this body only with two lenses tele and macro, when it is hard to use medium format. Using of other equipment is impossible when shooting the wild nature on the movement.

   35мм format lenses
   Canon EF100/2.8 Macro USM
   It is great lens both as macro and as telephoto lens. It has not deserved the letter "L" in his name, probably, only because there is even more expensive "big brother" - Canon 180/3.5 Macro. With bright sun or good flash you can have quite good depth of field at macro shooting.

   Canon EF100-400/4.5-5.6 L IS USM
   It is the painful choice for me between two "L" lens series 300/4 and 100-400 before. The majority of my photos of fauna are made handholding in low light situations. Being in a jeep, a boat or even on the elephant when there is no opportunity to establish tripod. In these conditions I wouldn't make also half of staff without "Image Stabilizer".
   As a zoom, it allows shooting animals as a picture, to build around of them a composition. And also it helps to use effectively to small 35mm format. Sometimes it happens 400mm not enough and ultra telephoto lens is required. Birds's photographers know such situations. This work will not make without prime lens well.

   Flash Canon 550EX
   This top-flash impresses after Canon 380EX. This is big effective flash range and as most important, rotation of a head in two planes. These things is irreplaceable when you use camera vertical format position.

   Velbon VEB-36
   I take it in travel frequently. This tripod very practical but easy enough for the medium format. When I use it with Pentax I put forward only two part of each legs and turn on mirror lock-up function eliminates. It conducts itself not bad with camera Fuji too. It have leaf shutter and make minimal camera shake.

   Manfrotto 055BWB with head 329RC4
   The tripod is rather good. It is heavy but stability. I would not tell that this device best for treking, but for open-air shooting and work at the studio just right. Who wants to combine useful stability and the pleasant weight is necessary to fork out for carbon legs.
   This head is from new development Manfrotto, it same reliable as 029 only it have little bit weight.

   Lowepro Elite AW
   This bag freely includes all my complete set Pentax. It is very conveniently and quickly to get details in any combination. If to take out one of lenses it is possible to place in exchange my Fuji, but convenience is a little reduced. An external environment of this bag is so strong and thick that the equipment is not afraid neither a rain, nor a snow, even falling from small height.

   Lowepro Photo Trekker
   I have specially bought this backpack for all my equipment to transport for a long distance. It is big and convenient enough. I would prefer fastening a tripod sideways a backpack, instead of from below. It is possible to make small treking, having him hung up in front while the basic backpack is behind a back.

 Dmitriy Kirilloff Photographer - Photo Gallery of Nature & Animal Photographs
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